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Proven track record in energy infrastructure


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Granite Shore Power LLC

Formerly a joint venture between CCI and Atlas Holdings LLC. As of 2021, CCI no longer owns Granite Shore Power and the Merrimack Generating Station.


Sherbino I Wind Farm LLC

The Sherbino I Wind Farm is located in Pecos County, Texas that sells renewable energy into ERCOT.


Nedpower Mount Storm LLC

NedPower Mount Storm ("Mt. Storm") is located in Grant County, West Virginia approximately 120 miles west of Washington, D.C. Mt. Storm sells renewable energy and capacity directly into PJM.


NorTex Midstream Partners, LLC

NorTex owns and operates 36 Bcf of working gas capacity in two depleted reservoir storage facilities that serve the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex with 890 MMcf/day of maximum deliverability. Additionally NorTex owns and operates the associated Tolar Hub, a significant trading hub in North Texas which is listed on the ICE trading platform.

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